Thursday, April 16, 2009

Friendly: URAWA Reds FC 2 - 0 Galacticos

Attendance: 5 (John, Matpit, Chedar, Nadiy, Aziz)

Line Up:
1.Petrus gk
2.Pat lb
3.Ikang cb
4.LoQ rb
5.Azeem lw
6.Achap dm
7.PaY cm (captain)
8.Kiwi am
9.Amir rm
10.Masarat ss
11.Kuchai st


1st Half
1 - 0 kuchai (g), masarat (a)
2 - 0 masarat (g), pay (a)
Sub: Prof for Kiwi

2nd Half
Sub: Shafeq for pay
No goal, No concede

Credits to Petrus (Borneo), Achap n Azeem (WHO), Masarat (Facebook) for your contribution. :)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

UTPSL: Urawa Reds FC 1-0 Ozawa Dragon FC

Attendance: 15

Line up:
18.Prof (C)


1st Half
15' Offside goal (pat)
20'GOAL!!!! Kiwi(g),Ciput(a)
a quick 1-2 play between LoQ and Prof on the right flank. The skipper then made a high cross for Ciput. A lacklustre clearance by Ozawa defender gave Kiwi a clear chance to make a volley from outside the penalty box. Superb goal..
30' Half Time

2nd Half
32' Sub: Shah for LoQ (tactical)
41' Sub: Wenkt for Ciput (tactical)

47' Sub: Azeem for Shafeq (tactical)
50' Penalty Kuchai (missed)
Brilliant midfield play among Prof, Kiwi and Shah... Prof made a short dribble into Ozawa penalty area before tackled down by the opponent. Kuchai blasted the ball over the bar.
Full Time

TQ to all especially our beloved supporters and photographers for your total and continuous support. TQ
:) - URFC

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


URAWA Reds FC final group match is scheduled on Saturday 11th 2009 at 545pm. Be There earlier!! - URFC

UTPSL: Urawa Reds FC 4 - 0 Borneo FC

Formation: 4-5-1

1. Pesa gk
14. Pat lb
47. Nadiy cb
6. Shah cb
21. Ikang rb
19. Azmeer lm
4. Wenkt dm
17. Pay cm
13. Kiwi am
18. Prof rm
7. Kuchai fw

8. Aziz
12. LoQ

1st Half

25' GOAL!! 1-0 Azmeer (g), Wenkt(a)
Long pass on the right from Urawa side by Pay to Wenkt. High cross by Wenkt for Azmeer before he dribbled Borneo's right back and blasted for Urawa's first goal.
30' GOAL!! 2-0 Shah(g), Prof(a)
Corner taken by Prof on the left side of Borneo goal post, directly to path of Shahrani. He headed the ball, bouncing into the back of the net.
32' Sub - Aziz for Azmeer (knee injury)
35' Half Time

2nd Half

41' GOAL!! 3-0 Kuchai(g), Shah(a)
clearance from Borneo's set piece attack, Shahrani made a long pass from Urawa penalty box to the half line for Kuchai. He then Dribbled the ball for one-on-one with the goalkeeper and nicely placing the ball past the goalkeeper.
55' Sub - LoQ for Ikang (strategy)
61' GOAL!! 4-0 (Noah o.g), Aziz(a)
Aziz dribbled inside the penalty box before made a low cross for Kuchai. Unfortunately, Borneo centre half who managed to intercept, made a wrong clearance into his own goal.
65' Full Time

Thanks Guys~

Friday, March 20, 2009

UTPSL : Urawa Reds FC vs Ozawa Dragon

Urawa's 3rd match against Ozawa Dragon is postponed due to mutual agreement between both teams. The match will be played on the date that will be announced later. TQ - URFC

URAWA Reds FC 2009

The players and staff of Urawa Reds FC 2009

Standing from left: Hydar (Glucose Man), Loq (Manager), Ciput, Amir Farid, Ikang, Pesa, Aziz, Pejan, Pat (Captain), Ewok (Assistant Manager)
Sitting from left: Ijat Prof, Kucai, Nadiy, Wenkt, Shah, Shafeq,Kiwi
Not in picture: Djibril, Azmeer, Khuzaifah

Monday, March 16, 2009

Friendly Match: Rasta 2 - 4 Urawa Reds FC

attendance = 1

Keeper - Wenkt
LB - Pat
CB - Ikang
CB - Djibril
RB - Nadiy
LM - Mad Sdar
CM - Pay
CM - Shafeq
RM - LoQ
FW - Kiwi
FW - Wan Gen06

Sub - Azmeer

1st Half

Rasta 1 - 0
LoQ (score), Kiwi (assist) pen. 1 - 1

2nd Half

Rasta 2 - 1
Azmeer (score), Wan Gen06 (assist) 2 - 2
Azmeer (score), Ikang (assist) 2 - 3
Pay (score), Kiwi (assist) 2 - 4

match end

Credits to Mad Sdar (Aurora) and Wan (Gen 06)